1. You can eat a perfect meal with all organic healthy food, but if your body doesn’t absorb it properly, it can’t feed your skin. This is the number one reason why people have dull skin, prematurely aging skin, and breakouts.

2. When you have undigested food in your body, it can rot and putrefy, and the toxin overload can come out of your skin as its second main function is it’s a detox organ. Whatever you are unable to detox through your bowel will detox through your skin.

3. Undigested food in the body wreaks havoc on your intestines and entire digestive system, causing “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. Leaky Gut Syndrome damages your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and allows undigested food particles to slip into the blood stream, taxing the body and lowering your immune system so you’re unable to fight off breakouts.

4. Nutrients you either get from the nutritious foods you are eating or perhaps through a multivitamin, if passed through your body without being absorbed they are pointless.

5. Most women are low in iron. If you are not breaking down your food correctly, you could be consuming iron rich foods that are not benefiting you. Even women on high iron diet are unable to get their iron levels up. Low iron causes unhealthy skin not to mention unhealthy blood.

6. Undigested food feeds bad bacteria and candida yeast in your body, thus lowering your immune system and possibly contributing to Melasma (common pigmentation found in facial skin).

7. When you digest food, 1/3 of your blood goes to your stomach… longer digestion means less blood for your brain and muscles, so you end up feeling fuzzy, less focused, or like you want to take a nap on your desk. Not good when you want to look and feel younger!

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